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Glass & Lady M. Presented by Full Circle Theater Company

Dates: Aug 1-11, 2019 as a part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival
Location: Dreamland Arts (an Independent Venue for the Fringe)
Tickets: $14
Ages: Recommended for ages 12+.
Duration: 60 minutes. No intermission.


Glass & Lady M.

presented by Full Circle Theater Company
Two Short, Compelling Theater Pieces – One Imaginative Vision
Created by Lindsey Bushnell and Martha B. Johnson
Directed by Martha B. Johnson

Photos: Top right photo from L to R are Alice McGlave, Charla Marie Bailey, Delinda “Oogie” Pushetonequa, and bottom right is Marci Lucht.

Described by its playwright Lindsey Bushnell as “A Feminist Absurdist Play,” Glass is set in a dystopian world where four women are psychologically trapped and controlled behind glass by an unseen Man. Each woman is an archetype–nurturer (Apple Woman), housekeeper (Sweeping Woman), mother (Rocking Woman), and woman obsessed with body image (Too Woman)–and each has her own views of escape. Glass tackles gender, economic, and societal issues faced by women throughout the centuries.

Lady M.
Conceived by Martha B. Johnson, Lady M. is a reimagining of Lady Macbeth’s iconic sleepwalking scene (“Out, damned spot”) from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Using mythical and ritualistic theatrical techniques, this piece re-envisions Lady Macbeth’s profound remorse and guilt as a wake-up call for America to similarly acknowledge the problematic nature of American history, and to feel the humanizing power of remorse.

Full Circle Theater Company‘s mission is to produce heartfelt, groundbreaking theater that artfully addresses issues of diversity and social justice for 21st-century audiences.


Dr. Deep

Dr. Deep – “Life Sucks, But I’m Cool With It”

Dates: Aug 3-11, 2019 as a part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival
– Sat, Aug 3 at 8:30
– Sun, Aug 4 at 2:30
– Mon, Aug 5 at 7:00
– Sat, Aug 10 at 8:30
– Sun, Aug 11 at 2:30
Location: Dreamland Arts (an Independent Venue for the Fringe)
Tickets: $14
Ages: Recommended for those slightly jaded and older.
Duration: 60 minutes. No intermission.



Dr. Deep: “Life Sucks, But I’m Cool With It”
A lecture on happiness and Ultimate Liberation Philosophy

VIDEO – Excerpts from “Life Sucks, But I’m Cool With It”

VIDEO“Zaraawar Mistry interviews Dr. Deep”

In this hilarious lecture, accompanied by a tongue in cheek slideshow, the brilliant Dr. Deep takes apart our obsession with happiness and provides his unique insights into how modern day psychology and neuroscience have helped make the concept of happiness into a multi-billion dollar industry. With this lecture, Dr. Deep, the founder of Ultimate Liberation Philosophy, continues his examination of the intersection of science, spirituality and nonsense.

About Dr. Deep
Dr. Deep is a fictional character, and “Life Sucks, But I’m Cool With It” is a one-man satirical play written and performed by theater artist Zaraawar Mistry, with recorded music by Greg Herriges.

Dr. Deep’s first lecture (2015), titled “Shake Your Noggin Like a Bobblehead,” premiered at Dreamland Arts and was presented during Illusion Theater’s Fresh Ink series and at the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

“Rarely has such absolute drivel been delivered with such sly panache.” Read the full review in the Star Tribune by Lisa Brock

“If laughter truly is the best medicine, Dr. Deep might just prove a therapeutic treatment for humor-deprived psyches.” Read the full City Pages article by Brad Richason

Dr. Deep and You
Dr. Deep’s lecture can be presented in any large room. The show has been performed at theaters (Dreamland Arts, Mixed Blood, Illusion Theater), art galleries (2001 A Space), yoga studios (IHT Yoga), organic farms (Dreamacres), in office buildings (Ramsey County) and even in people’s homes.

M-SHE Productions Youth Performance

Date: Fri-Sat, June 21-22, 2019 at 8:00 p.m.
Tickets: $10
Ages: All ages
Duration: 60 minutes. No intermission.

M-SHE Productions presents
Youth Theatrical Workshops & Performances of “American Dream”

Come rock out with us as we celebrate the hard work our youth performers have put in. They have spent a week in an intense environment, learning their show material and developing captivating characters. We are excited to have 2 casts this season. The workshops and performances give them a chance to see what it is like to be a professional dancer and the demands that can entail. We are diving head first into Green Day’s Broadway Musical, “American Idiot.” While looking for the meaning of life and trying to find their freedom, these hardcore dancers just might find out that what they were looking for was there in the first place.

M-SHE Productions is the creation of the husband and wife duo, Maggie Hoadley-Edwards-Culp and Parker Culp. With the eye and soul for all things artistic, M-SHE Productions, provides choreography, instruction, direction, music mixes, recording studio needs, and performers for dance, music, and photography.

Sketch Mythology 2019

Dates: Sat-Sun, June 8-9, 2019 (Sat at 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. & Sun at 2:00 p.m.)
Tickets: $20 General ($10 Students/Figure Models)
Age Recommendation: This performance contains nudity. For audiences 18+
Duration: Act 1 – 65 minute dance performance including several short poses to sketch
Act 2 – 40 minutes of figure drawing including a 4, 10, and 22 minute pose

Jenson Dance presents
Sketch Mythology 2019

Performed/Modeled by Matt Jenson and Laura Selle Virtucio
Music performed live by Karen Majewicz
and Special Guest Lars Lee

Gods, goddesses, and fantastic creatures from Greek mythology abound, and YOU get to draw them! Modern dance blends with figure drawing to create a unique performance experience.

Throughout the six dances in Act I, you’ll get to warm up by drawing a series of 1, 2, and 4 minute poses. Act II will be one long pose. No previous drawing experience required, and paper and pencils will be provided. You are welcome to bring their own art supplies (nothing too messy, please).

Don’t remember much about Medusa? Never heard the story of Orpheus and Eurydice? Who the heck is Ares? Don’t worry…we’ve got you covered! Before the performance, you can stroll through a gallery of drawings and paintings that introduce you to the characters. A brief synopsis of each myth will tell you all you need to enjoy the show.

This performance contains a whole bunch of nudity. For audiences 18+

Trigger warning: Please note that, as with most Greek myths, the stories included in this show are full of potentially distressing elements such as war, decapitation, deaths of loved ones, and sexual situations

Sketch Mythology was created Matt Jenson and Laura Selle Virtucio in collaboration with many artists:
Choreographers/Directors: Maria Asp, Annie Enneking, Lise Houlton, and Marcia Keegan
Composers: Joel Arpin, Marya Hart, Eric Jensen, and Michelle Kinney
Performers/Musicians: Lars Lee, Karen Majewicz
Writer: Linda Shapiro
Puppets: Andrew Jenson
Costumes: Lucy Hinton
Pre-performance Gallery Visual Artists: Emily Barton, Liz Carlson, Robert Borman, Dona Kos, David Sandberg, and Deb Zeller


“This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.”