Rental Cost Calculator

Please check our calendar.

Use this calculator to determine the approximate cost of your space rental at Dreamland Arts. This calculator is meant to serve as a guide and does not serve as a commitment or contract.

  • Dreamland Arts is available for short-term rentals on a limited basis for shows, classes, workshops and other events related to arts and education.
  • We do not rent the space out for parties or weddings.
  • We are seldom able to accommodate ongoing programming requests such as weekly classes over a span of several weeks.
  • We ask to meet in advance with all potential new renters to discuss their proposed projects and to make sure that our venue is a good fit, and reserve the right to select all programming at Dreamland Arts!
  • Rental time is calculated from arrival to departure.
  • If the space rental cost is not within your budget, please email and, depending on your project and the demands of our theater schedule, we may be able to negotiate a lower fee with you.

NOTE: For rentals that do not involve tech. or performances, RENTER will have access to the Theater only. The Basement Studio is used as a green room for artists or RENTER’s personnel only during tech. rehearsals and events. The Basement Studio is not accessible, except by a flight of stairs.

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