Theaterwalla is a new pilot program at Dreamland Arts that supports the art of solo theater, specifically that of writer/performers who create their own solo work. It is a curated program, and all projects are selected by Dreamland Arts.

Theaterwalla is made possible by earned income from ticket sales and individual donors. Current donors include two Anonymous donors and Dave Gagne and Lauri Krouse. Thank you!


Theaterwalla – Frequently Asked Questions

The mission of Dreamland Arts is to build a healthy community through the arts. Theaterwalla projects support and further this mission. While we reserve the right to select the projects, we have a wide embrace for the type of work that is presented at our theater. You can view a partial list of Solo Shows that have been done at Dreamland Arts in the past (although not all shows fit the Theaterwalla model).
The Theaterwalla program is for theater writer/performers who create their own solo work, are seeking a venue to present it, and have not received any grant funding for their project. This program does not support the long term development of projects; rather it is for the public presentation of works as they approach completion or have already been finished. Projects funded by grants are asked to rent Dreamland Arts as per our normal Space Rental process.
There is no application fee and any solo theater performer is welcome to apply for consideration.
It is certainly helpful, but not required, that performers submit a detailed description of the work, a script or a link to a video sample. However, Dreamland Arts only asks for some general information about projects.
Dreamland Arts is a 40 seat theater that primarily functions as a rental venue. Depending on space usage, certain weeks on the calendar are made available for Theaterwalla performances throughout the year. You can check upcoming dates on the Theaterwalla Submission page.
The Theaterwalla model is one of sharing revenue from ticket sales.
Dreamland Arts and performer will equally share the total revenue from ticket sales.
Admission to all Theaterwalla events is $10. Tickets are sold in advance and at the door, and all sales are managed by Dreamland Arts. All tickets must be paid for, and there are no comp tickets or passes. Dreamland Arts and performers will seek supporters/sponsors for each project to purchase a block of tickets to give away for free.
Performers must do a minimum of 2 shows, and may do up to a maximum of 4 shows, during their allotted weekend.
Theaterwalla projects are preferably between 60-90 minutes long.
Yes. Projects that are shorter than 60 minutes in duration may be paired with other shorter ones.
No. While a performer may collaborate with a musician, choreographer, director or other artist, and have a technician offstage or in the booth, all Theaterwalla projects must have only a solo performer on stage during the entire performance.
Dreamland Arts is equipped with basic, easy to use, lighting, sound and projection equipment. Depending on the project, performers get up to two days of tech., with a maximum of 4 hrs. each day, for free. If the show requires a tech. operator, then performers must provide one. See complete details in the Theaterwalla Sample Contract.
Theaterwalla performers and Dreamland Arts will have joint responsibility for marketing the event, although Theaterwalla performers understand that people are primarily coming to see them and their work. Dreamland Arts markets all events through a printed flyer and e-mail newsletter, as well as on its website and through social media. Dreamland Arts does not typically send press releases to the media, but performers are welcome to do so.
Dreamland Arts is a shared space and there are logistical and capacity restrictions. All shows/performers invited into the Theaterwalla program will observe the requirements outlined in the Theaterwalla Sample Contract.
Theaterwalla is presently funded by earned income from ticket sales and with the support of individual donors. We welcome financial and other support for this pilot program. Anyone interested in making a financial contribution towards supporting Theaterwalla can do so on the Dreamland Arts Support page.
Please read the general info about Dreamland Arts on our FAQ page.

THEATERWALLA SUBMISSION  I’d like to submit my project for consideration.

Questions: Email or call 651-645-5506 and leave a message. Email is our preferred option. Thank you!

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