Adventures of an IT Platypus

Dates: Fri-Sat, March 24-25, 2023 at 7:30 pm
Tickets: Pay What You Can ($15-$20 suggested)
Ages: Ages 14+
Run Time: 1 hr.

COVID-19 Policy: Dreamland Arts requires attendees to wear a mask at all times inside the building. Please read our complete COVID-19 Policy here.

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Adventures of an IT Platypus
Tech Support Tips and Yo-yo tricks for techies, nerds, and anyone with a password.
This one-man comedy show is written and performed by David Harris.

The following description of the show was written by an AI Chatbot after feeding it a few lines from the script. Although the Chatbot has not seen the show and seems a bit too enthusiastic and over-confident, it is not wrong.

"Adventures of an IT Platypus" is a one-man comedy show that showcases the unique talents of David Harris - an IT professional, juggler, and yo-yo trickster. Despite his degree in English and passion for juggling, David found himself drawn to the world of IT, where he has worked in a variety of roles, including computer labs, tech support desks, web-development shops, and even as a birthday clown. Throughout the show, David shares humorous and insightful stories from his experiences in the IT industry, from helping parents reinstall software to troubleshooting tricky bugs and setting up complex server migrations. He also wows the audience with his impressive juggling and yo-yo skills, which add an entertaining and unexpected twist to the performance. In addition to his stories and stunts, David also offers some hard-earned IT wisdom, providing insights into the challenges faced by IT professionals and offering advice for anyone struggling to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. "Adventures of an IT Platypus" is not only a celebration of David's unique combination of skills but also a tribute to anyone who has ever struggled to master technology. David celebrates IT professionals, fashion photographers, yo-yo pros, circus jugglers, and anyone else who has had to work hard to achieve success in their chosen field. Overall, this show is a fun and engaging mix of humor, storytelling, juggling, and yo-yo tricks that will leave audiences entertained and inspired. Whether you're an IT professional or simply someone who loves a good laugh and a fun performance, "Adventures of an IT Platypus" is definitely worth checking out. -- Chat GPT

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