Virtual Disability Awareness Programs

The following virtual disability awareness programs are available for your group/organization as videos! To watch the videos, or if you are an educator or sponsor also interested in a Q&A or conversation with Leslye Orr, please contact Dreamland Arts:

“It was great to work with you and thank you for sharing your presentation with us. It was impactful and appreciated!” – Felecia A Boone, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant | Hennepin County Human Resources (July, 2022)

Hand in Hand: A unique theater experience about Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, created and performed by Leslye Orr. Hand in Hand is a disability awareness play where you will be asked to close your eyes and use your heightened senses to “see” through the touch of your hands and your minds eye. It is now available in a video format, adapted as a radio drama with tactile elements.

The People on the Corner: A reading from the children’s picture book with video projections and discussion about persons with disabilities with Leslye Orr. Author and illustrator Leslye Orr, who is legally blind, created this charming book to excite readers about the splendor of our imperfect world, to promote more visibility in picture books for children with disabilities, and to inspire all children to be more inclusive.

“What I Thought I Saw: Random Acts of Blindness”, an autobiographical storytelling piece, is a comedic look at the one-eyed adventures of Leslye Orr and her off-kilter view of life in a 3D world. It has been adapted into a video version.

Watch a brief video about disability inclusion advocate, Leslye Orr: