Children enjoy playing with stuffed animals

Stuffed Animal Virtual Programs


Dreamland Arts has a variety of Stuffed Animal Virtual Programs hosted by Leslye Orr and Zip the Chipmunk. For individuals and small groups, we present our programs on Zoom and, for maximum enjoyment, limit the total number of participants to 12 unique screens. We can present for larger groups such as libraries, schools and other organizations. Attendees have the option to interact with the performer or participate only as observers. We look forward to creating a special memory with you! If you have questions, please email

All Stuffed Animal Virtual Programs are 30 minutes

Arts education nurtures all our innate, creative abilities. By fostering the imagination we attain self-expression and learn how to accept each other and support unique ideas. As a performing artist and children’s book author with a disability, I feel it is most important to share that all types of people can be included in the art we create together. For The Stuffed Animal Shows, the kids bring their own plushy to do activities and play games. Kids learn how to use their stuffed animals like a puppet, how to make it look like it talks, and how to find a voice for it. The kids learn they are the creators of fun and that fun does not have to be created for them.” – Leslye Orr