You have the project. We have the space.

Theaterwalla is a program that supports the art of solo theater of writer/performers who create their own work.  It is geared not towards the extended development of work – with access to rehearsal space and/or time to develop a script/ideas with technical support, etc. – but more as an opportunity for the public presentation of projects that are more finished and in need of a venue.

Dreamland Arts is not a non-profit organization, so we don’t apply for grants to make things happen. Therefore we’re not able to provide any direct financial support for this program. But if you have a project, we have a space. Read more about the program below and then contact us via email or telephone and we’d be happy to show you our theater and sit down for a chat. Or, if you’re ready to move ahead, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your project by completing the Theaterwalla Inquiry form.

Theaterwalla is made possible by earned income from ticket sales and through the support of individual donors.

2019 Theaterwalla Donors
Anonymous (2)
Dave Gagne and Lauri Krouse
Betty Tisel and Sarah Farley

2019 Theaterwalla Artists
Mai Rose – The Liminal Being
Phil Gonzales – Deep in Bear Country
Julia Gay – motherlanded

2020 Theaterwalla Artists
Susan Langston – I am Cate Blanchett


Theaterwalla – Frequently Asked Questions

The mission of Dreamland Arts is to build a healthy community through the arts. Theaterwalla projects support and further this mission. While we reserve the right to choose who to work with, you are choosing us as much as we are choosing you! We have a wide embrace for the type of work that is presented at our theater. You can view a partial list of Solo Shows that have been done at Dreamland Arts in the past (although not all shows fit the Theaterwalla model). So get in touch. We'd love to meet you and show you our space.
The Theaterwalla program is for theater writer/performers who create their own solo work and are seeking a venue in which to present it. This program is primarily for the public presentation of works as they approach completion or have already been finished.
It is certainly helpful, but not required, that performers submit a detailed description of the work, a script or a link to a video sample. However, Dreamland Arts only asks for some general information about projects. More than anything, we'd like to get to know you and your work by meeting you. So do contact us!
Dreamland Arts is a 40 seat theater that primarily functions as a rental venue. Depending on space usage, certain weeks on the calendar are made available for Theaterwalla performances throughout the year. Let us know your ideal time frame and we will do our best to accommodate your preference.
The Theaterwalla program is about promoting the art of solo theater. We work with artists to figure out their needs - amount of time in the theater, tech. support, etc. - and then we work together to determine a reasonable mechanism for both parties to have some earnings from ticket sales, sponsorships, grants or other sources of income.
Ticket prices to Theaterwalla events are set together by the performer and Dreamland Arts. Tickets can be sold in advance online, as well as at the door, and all sales are managed by Dreamland Arts.
We will work with performers to figure out an ideal run - whether it is a single performance, a weekend of shows, or a 3 week run!
Nope. But ideally, Theaterwalla projects are between 60-90 minutes long.
While a performer may collaborate with a musician, choreographer, director or other artist, and have a technician offstage or in the booth, our goal is that all Theaterwalla projects must have only a solo performer on stage during the entire performance. But this is not set in stone. Let us know if your solo work has some configuration that's better suited to your needs.
Dreamland Arts is equipped with basic, easy to use, lighting, sound and projection equipment. Let us know what your project needs are and we will work with you to figure out a tech. support plan.
Theaterwalla performers and Dreamland Arts will have joint responsibility for marketing the event. Dreamland Arts markets all events through a printed flyer and e-mail newsletter, as well as on its website and through social media. We will work with you to figure out how to get the word out.
Dreamland Arts is a shared space and there are some logistical and capacity restrictions. Take a look at the Theaterwalla Sample Contract and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Theaterwalla is presently funded by earned income from ticket sales and with the support of individual donors. We welcome financial and other support for this pilot program. Anyone interested in making a financial contribution towards supporting Theaterwalla can do so on the Dreamland Arts Support page.
Please read the general info about Dreamland Arts on our FAQ page.

Questions: Email or call 651-645-5506 and leave a message. Email is our preferred option. Thank you!

Note: The Theaterwalla logo was originally created for Primitive Theater, a collective of theater artists that performed at the first Minnesota Fringe Festival in 1994.

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