Dr. Deep

3 minute clip of Dr. Deep at the 2019 MN Fringe Preview event.

Dr. Deep is the founder of Ultimate Liberation Philosophy, and a self-taught thinker, doing research on the mysteries of the Universe, and our existence in it. His work focuses on the critical intersection of science, spirituality and nonsense.

Rarely has such absolute drivel been delivered with such sly panache.” Read the full review in the Star Tribune by Lisa Brock

If laughter truly is the best medicine, Dr. Deep might just prove a therapeutic treatment for humor-deprived psyches.” Read the full City Pages article by Brad Richason

Get a Dr. Deep Bobblehead

Dr. Deep’s first lecture, titled “Shake Your Noggin Like a Bobblehead,” premiered at Dreamland Arts in 2015, and was presented during Illusion Theater’s Fresh Ink series. “Life Sucks, But I’m Cool With It” was presented at the 2019 Minnesota Fringe Festival and several other venues in Minnesota. “At a Time Like This” was presented virtually on Zoom in 2021. “Fed Up, or Fulfilled?” premiered at Dreamland Arts and on Zoom in 2022.

Ages: Dr. Deep’s lectures are recommended for those slightly jaded and older.
Duration: 60 minutes. No intermission.

About Dr. Deep
Dr. Deep is a fictional character, created and performed by theater artist Zaraawar Mistry.

Dr. Deep and You
Dr. Deep’s lecture can be presented in any large room. The show has been performed at theaters (Dreamland Arts, Mixed Blood, Illusion Theater), art galleries (2001 A Space), yoga studios (IHT Yoga), organic farms (Dreamacres), in office buildings (Ramsey County) and even in people’s homes.