Green Card Voices

Date: Wed, May 16, 2018 from 7:00-9:00 pm
Tickets: Free admission

Ages: For all ages
Duration: 2 hrs.

Green Card Voices presents

Green Card Youth Voices Book Reading

Join us for an evening of live book reading and view the Green Card Voices Youth exhibit. After the immigrant youth authors read their stories from “Green Card Youth Voices: St. Paul,” there will be a question and answer session where audience members can engage with these young people.

Our three featured authors include:

Iya Xiong (Laos)- “I can help myself more than I could help myself when I lived in Laos. I feel proud because I can earn some money by myself.”

Abshir Mohamed (Somalia) – “I’d never seen snow. And I didn’t know how it would look like. I thought here that the floor would be clean like grass. It wasn’t like how I imagined.”

Sha Paw (Thailand)- “We had taken an airplane class to learn what to do on an airplane. Like how to buckle the seatbelt. I didn’t want to go on an airplane.”