More One-Acts? Heck Yeah!

Dates: Dec 8-11, 2022
Tickets: $20 ($16 for Students/Teachers/Seniors/Veterans)
Age Recommendation: Ages 16+
Duration: 2 hrs., including one intermission
In Person: This event will be performed with a live audience!

COVID-19 Policy: Dreamland Arts requires attendees to wear a mask at all times inside the building. Please read our complete COVID-19 Policy here.

Applause Community Theatre proudly presents
More One-Acts? Heck Yeah!

Applause Community Theatre is excited to present another evening that showcases the talents of Minnesota playwrights after our successful run in October. This one-act festival explores the theme of redemption and the quest the characters are taking or refusing to take on this journey.

The Piano Teacher by Terry Newby
Directed by Debbie Schneider
The Piano Teacher explores the limits of healing and redemption, and forces us to confront how we treat those we have harmed, and how we treat those who have harmed us. Told through the eyes of Army veteran Jeremy Witherspoon, The Piano Teacher asks viewers to consider whether forgiveness is earned or simply owed, and whether redemption without obligation is ever possible.

Reunion Forever by Cori Paulet and Terry Newby
Directed by Debbie Schneider
As four high school classmates prepare for their class reunion, they find themselves confronted with questions of responsibility, consequences, and self-perception. Reunion Forever explores the interplay between self-awareness and redemption and asks “What price must be paid before forgiveness can be granted?”

Decoration Day 2005 by Roger Barr
Directed by James Lundy
During the Iraq war, Robert and Marilyn Lewis lose their only son, Robbie, to combat. Their profound grief drives them apart and the couple separates. At sunrise on Decoration Day, each is drawn to the cemetery to visit Robbie’s grave. Their confrontation touches off a long day where each must come to terms with their loss. Decoration Day 2005 explores the human cost of war, the nature of grief and the eternal power of love.   

Featuring the acting talents of:
Benjamin Farrey-Latz, Brock Ray, Steve Thompson, Amy Luedtke, Santhi Muniandy-Deisch, Dennis Gerhardstein, Ginny Leutgeb, Nick Dibley, Pat Holt, Debbie Schneider, and Erika Reinhardt.

Full Schedule
Thursday-Saturday, December 8-10 at 7:00 PM
Sunday, December 11 at 2:00 PM