Rubén Dario HOY Solo

Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $15
Ages: All ages
Duration: 90 minutes, with intermission.

Rubén Dario presents
Rubén Dario HOY Solo
A music concert by Rubén Dario – singer, songwriter and guitarist

Rubén Darío is the result of the union of different musical styles over many years of experience in the popular and academic fields. Rubén is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is a chamber musician, and at the same time he is a popular music singer in a bar or restaurant. He is avant-garde, experimental, conceptual, he is electric guitar in a group of Peruvian “chicha” , he is canción social , he is classical guitar, he is romantic ballads and boleros, he is rumba flamenca, he is fusion, he is Colombian folklore (pasillo, bambuco, cumbia, joropo, currulao, torbellino, vallenato, tropipop, etc.). Rubén is a guitar quartet, he’s a soloist, he’s a singer, he’s an accompanist … he is ranchera, he is trova, he is Caribbean … he’s romantic, he’s intricate and critical … he’s duets, trios, quartets, groups, bands … Ruben is of love, he is of creating, he is of breaking ties. Rubén was a teacher, he was a classroom, the street, auditoriums, awards, mentions, nothing.

The music of Rubén Darío has managed to travel through many countries and hearts, and now he comes with a new production entitled “Hoy,” which shows a musical development with identity, with personality, with all this patchwork quilt that has been his life. You are welcome to explore his world of sounds and feelings. May the music and the images that exist and that are coming, speak for themselves.

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