Deep in Bear Country


Dates: Fri-Sat, Oct 11-12, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: Pay What You Can ($10-$20) – online or at the door, no extra fees
Run Time: 1 hour, no intermission
Age Recommendation: Adult audiences, but ages 10+ welcome


Raffish Ripoff Productions
Deep in Bear Country
An evening of reflection, complaining and introspection
created and performed by Phil Gonzales
(produced by Raffish Ripoff Productions and presented as a part of Dreamland Arts’ Theaterwalla program)

For four years, Phil Gonzales has entertained hundreds of podcast listeners with “Deep In Bear Country” his ridiculously close analysis of Stan and Jan Berenstain’s “Berenstain Bears” children’s books. Over more than two-hundred episodes, he has investigated, picked apart, theorized and speculated about Bear Country, its denizens, its history and its meaning. Was any of this called for? No. Is it fair to do this to a rather innocuous series of children’s books? Maybe? Has it changed Phil’s outlook on life, art, family, community and legacy? Definitely.

Join Phil for an evening of reflection, complaining and introspection as he brings “Deep In Bear Country” to the stage with “Deep In Bear Country.” He didn’t change the title; he’s got branding to think about! Hear some of Phil’s wilder theories about Bear Country. Learn about Raffish Ralph Ripoff, Phil’s secret hero. Journey into the past to explore the Great Bear War. The Bear Multiverse? He’ll touch on that. Will Phil talk about his own personal demons? Of course he will! Will Phil find peace within himself in just one hour? Find out as he takes you Deep. In. Bear Country!